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Tour operator "Almaly-Travel" developed unique travel for you - "Cultural rounds". Probably your idea of unknown Kazakhstan will come to confusion when you will get acquainted with ancient history of Kazakhs, their life of nomads, the cities of Turkestan, Otrar, to Sauries, Suzak and monuments along the Great Silk Road and right there you will see the new capital Astana which recently became independent Republic of Kazakhstan. To be surprised by uniqueness of Astana which architecture reflects a harmonica of reunion of eastern and western cultures, visited by architects, art critics and numerous tourists from all over the world. From now on and you will be one them.

I want to know more about the tour ...

You can become the participant of space flight, having visit to the largest in the world Baikonur Cosmodrome.

And also you will pass on a route of the Golden Ring of Alma-Ata presented by such nature sanctuaries, as Charyn canyons which is alike to canyons of Colorado, the Tamgaly Tas with a set of petroglyphs and Buddha's images, unique lakes of Kolsay, take pleasure in beautiful landscapes, fir forests and the Alpine meadows. You will see pride of the republic - the one and only high-mountain skating rink Medeo where the World Cups and Europe were held and where there were many world records made.

Tour operator "Almaly-Travel" invites you to be a participant of Cultural tour along the country to see all stages of development of modern Kazakhstan

South Kazakhstan

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Old Kazakhstan and New Kazakhstan

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