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Tourism in Kazakhstan

The tour operator "ALMALY-TRAVEL" is glad to accept all those who want to dive into the culture and history of the mysterious Country of Great Steppes - Kazakhstan !!!

You will become part of the world of boundless steppes, live in yurts, ride camels, see milking cows and goats. You will be truly enchanted, watching the daily life in the usual aul.

Admiration from you will be caused by the beauty of nature, richness of flora and fauna of Kazakhstan.


The Republic of Kazakhstan is a unitary state with a presidential form of government.

Area: 2 724 000 sq. M. km .                                                                     
Population: 16 million 148 thousand people, numbering 120 nationalities   
Capital: Astana
Kazakh, Russian
Religion: Islam, Christianity


Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia. Occupying 2  million 724,9 thousand square kilometers,
 the country is on the ninth place in terms of the area of ​​the territory among the countries of the world. In the north and west, Kazakhstan has common borders with Russia, in the east with China, in the south with Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan.

Kazakhstan is the largest country in the world, which has no direct access to the World Ocean. This distance from the oceans determines the sharply continental climate of the country. Summer in the country is hot and dry from +19 ° C in the north and up to +28 ° C in the south., Winter is cold and  snowy  from 19 ° C in the north to 2 ° C in the south.

Geography of Kazakhstan is an alternation of huge mountains, forests, deserts, lakes and rivers and boundless steppes. Most of the country's territory consists of deserts - 44% and semi-deserts - 14%. Steppes occupy 26% of the territory of Kazakhstan, forests - 5.5%. In Kazakhstan there are 8,5  thousand rivers, 48 ​​thousand lakes and the largest of them - Balkhash, Zaisan and Alakol. The north-eastern part of the water area of ​​the Caspian Sea is part of the republic. The Aral Sea is divided between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. 

The fauna and flora of Kazakhstan is unique, with 155 species of mammals, 480 bird species, 150 species of fish, and 250 species of medicinal plants.

The Kazakhstani land is rich in its history, in which there are more than 25 thousand historical, archeological, architectural monuments, 147 museums, 8 historical and cultural museum reserves.
The Republic of Kazakhstan is an industrial country, which excels in the world in reserves of zinc and tungsten, ranks second in the world in reserves of silver, lead, third - copper, fourth - molybdenum, sixth - gold. Now Kazakhstan is in 9th place in the world in oil reserves, in 8th place in coal reserves and in 2nd place in uranium reserves.

Kazakhstan is one of the world's top ten grain exporters and is one of the leading exporters of flour. Livestock, poultry farming and fishing are developed in the republic.

For a short historical period - from the moment of gaining independence in 1991, the Republic of Kazakhstan was among the 25 most dynamic economies of the first decade of the 21st century and takes the third place, letting ahead only China and Qatar. This is estimated by British experts, and according to the classification of the World Bank, the Republic of Kazakhstan was included in the group of countries with a level of income above the average.

 Here are some remarkable facts about Kazakhstan:

  • In Kazakhstan, the highest mountain skating rink in the world is Medeo;
  • From Kazakhstan, from the Baikonur cosmodrome, the first artificial satellite of Earth Sputnik-1 (1957) and the first man Yuri Gagarin (1961) were launched for the first time in the world;
  • Kazakhstan became the venue for the Congresses of Leaders of World Religions, and especially for this, the Palace of Peace and Accord was built in the capital Astana in 2006, which became a landmark event of the beginning of the XXI century;
  • For the first time in the world and the unparalleled Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan was created in the republic and this is a unique and positive phenomenon of modernity. And the fact that it is headed by the President of the country, Mr. Nazarbayev N.A. guarantees the cohesion and unity of the peoples of Kazakhstan;
  • In 2010, Kazakhstan became the chairman of the first OSCE summit in the twenty-first century;
  • Kazakhstan hosts annual conferences of the Eurasian Media Forum, where leading journalists, analysts and politicians from the West and the East meet to exchange views on the most pressing issues of modern society;
  • In Kazakhstan in 2011, the 7th Asian Winter Games were held;
  • In Kazakhstan, for the first time in the world in an incredibly short period, a new capital, Astana, was built, the 20th anniversary of which was celebrated in 2018;
  • Kazakhstan in 2017 hosted the International Exhibition EXPO-2017, which was dedicated to the “Energy of the Future”.

These are some of those achievements, thanks to which Kazakhstan has become known and also interesting for tourism.


Visit Kazakhstan!

Kazakh hospitality, geniality and interesting trips are waiting for you!