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Religious or pilgrimage tours are travels to holy sites for the purpose of spiritual improvement of the person, its strengthening in belief. People started making such travels still ancient times as in the majority of world religions there is a tradition of pilgrimage.

In search of spiritual tranquility and answers for how to be happy, these travels became especially popular in the time of high speeds and material enrichment. Different impressions remain with people after visiting the holy sites. For someone it seems to be miracle or mysticism, someone will light up and start reasonably treating life and, the main thing is more reasonably is better than indifferent nobody remains.

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Travel to holy sites is also acquaintance to history, culture of the people who lived before us. The most fascinating stories and legends, the events connected with the well-known historic figures and sacred will be interesting both for adults and children, for believing people, and everybody who is interested in history of Kazakhstan.

Tour operator "Almaly-Travel" invites pilgrims to visit holy sites of Kazakhstan: necropolises of Mangyshlak - Beket-ata, Shopan-at, Shakpak-at, Sultan-epe, in Turkestan - the most important Muslim shrine of Kazakhstan Hodzhi Ahmet Yassavi's Mausoleum, Ukash-at's Mausoleums, Gaukhar-ana, and also sacral places of Altai.

Pilgrimage tours from Tour operator "Almaly-Travel" is a remarkable option of active, improving and informative recreation.


Altai is a region that has always attracted seekers of "places of power". Recharge your energy and peace of the mountains ...


Geographical location.Mangystau region includes the territory of the Mangyshlak peninsula, the major part of the Usturt plateau and the southern part of the Caspian depression - the Buzachi peninsula.


We invite you to take a trip to the world of the dead, visiting the necropolis and seeing the burial culture of ancient ancestors.

Visit to Turkestan

Visit part of the possessions of the great Tamerlane and enjoy the architecture of the 14th century...