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About Company

Tourist company “ALMALY-TRAVEL” organizer of leisure and travel for you, your family and your friends in foreign countries and in the most interesting places of Kazakhstan.

Our mission is to help people acquire the desired trips to the world of educational and adventure travel and enjoy the rest!

Since 1996, we have been working in tourist activities in three areas:

  1. Outbound tourism 
  2. Inbound tourism 
  3. Domestic tourism 

Outbound tourism and recreation abroad is carried out by Almaly-Travel FE as a “Travel Agent”, registered under number TA-273 dated June 22, 2016 in the state register of travel agencies, compulsory civil liability insurance of a travel agent in IC "Amanat".

Inland and domestic tourism and organization of tours in Kazakhstan are carried out by ALMALY-TRAVEL LLP, general license of TOO operator No. 111 dated January 21, 2002, member of KTA of the Kazakhstan Tourist Association, certificate No. 0065, compulsory insurance of civil liability of a tour operator in Amanat insurance company ".

In order to provide licensed high-level tourist services to ALMALY-TRAVEL LLP for many years, developing and accumulating experience, together with reliable partners, provided a high-quality level of tourist service in each tourist destination.

The owner and director of the company "ALMALY-TRAVEL" is Alzhanova Alma Shugaevna, previously worked as a teacher of the institute. Dreaming to work in business, she was lucky and she was invited to one of the tourist companies in Almaty. Having gone all the way from manager to manager, in 1996 she created her own project - the company ALMALY-TRAVEL. He considers important in his work an attentive and attentive attitude towards the company's clients. These are guests and friends of the company, who are always welcome and who will always be provided with new interesting tourist products of the company.

The company's employees are a well-coordinated teamwork of competent people loyal to the company and the tourism industry and this is the most valuable acquisition of ALMALY-TRAVEL.

The tourist company "ALMALY-TRAVEL" began its activities with the provision of tourist services for sending Kazakhstan tourists to rest abroad. The company has created its own tourist product in the direction of Kazakhstan's recreation on the Issyk-Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan. For the first time, Almaty-Issyk-Kul bus routes were organized under guaranteed blocks of accommodation in the boarding houses Zhetigen, Rokhat NBU, Akun Issyk-Kul. Popularity of this direction was promoted by campaigns conducted by the company, such as: “Opening of the summer season in Issyk-Kul”, “Closing the summer season in Issyk-Kul” and promotional and informational tours for travel agents.

The accumulated experience allowed the transition to the creation of a more sophisticated tourist product, and since 2005 the company began to offer tours to Almaty-Antalya charter flights under guaranteed accommodation in hotels in Antalya resorts (Turkey). And then on charter flights Almaty-Hainan (PRC), Almaty-Dubrovnik (Croatia), Almaty-GOA (India).

But, we consider more interesting the creation of a tourist product on the organization of excursion tours to different countries of the world. Tourists were offered a variety of types of such excursions. These are group and individual tours in cities of one country or several countries in one trip, these are bus routes and air tours. This is a wonderful holiday, and it contributes to the activity, curiosity and sociability of people. Tourists are more grateful to this kind of rest, and their reviews on the website show this: www.almaly-travel.kz

ALMALY-TRAVEL has regularly offered the latest updates to the topics of such routes and responding to the growing interest of tourists in the new season 2014-2015. combined excursion tours from Almaty. Groups were formed and trips from Almaty were organized along the following routes:

The Korea-Japan Grand Tour from 27.02-14.03.14 for 16 days went 8 people;

South Africa and African safaris from 08/02/11/08 for 23 days went 23 people;

England-Scotland-Wales + Ireland from July 16-31.07.14 5 people went for 14 days;

Fishing on Lake Baikal, for 10 days, July 2015 went 7 people;

Real Asia: Singapore and Malaysia from 11.03-25.03.2015 for 15 days went 4 people;

14 people went under the blue domes of Samarkand from 03.19-25.03.15

We make such tours available at a cost and with a visit to those places where previously only English-speaking groups were noted.

After a holiday in one of the countries listed above, tourists feel the uniqueness and flavor of each country, and the choice of rest is an individual approach, friendliness, goodwill and professionalism of the employees of the company “ALMALY-TRAVEL”.

Developing the tour operator activity, the company “ALMALY-TRAVEL” creates its own tourist product in domestic tourism and organizes tours in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is especially attracted by the eyes of foreign tourists because of the recently popular Great Silk Road. Tour operator "ALMALY-TRAVEL" with great pleasure presents you with its vision.