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About Company

The “Almaly-Travel” company, established in Almaty in 1996, is a tour-operator in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which has a reputation as a reliable and stable partner.

Choosing tourism in Kazakhstan, you will feel the uniqueness and color of any travel route, such as:

  • Ecotourism
  • Adventure Tours
  • Ethnographic tours
  • Cultural - historical tours
  • Sacral tours

Your holiday will be unforgettable and magical!


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Our mission is to help people discover the world of cognitive and adventure travel in Kazakhstan and enjoy the rest!

In order to provide licensed high-level tourism service “ALMALY-TRAVEL” LLP, developing and accumulating experience together with reliable partners, has been  providing a high-quality level of tourism service in each tourism destination for many years.

The owner and director of the company "ALMALY-TRAVEL" is Alzhanova Alma Shugaevna, previously worked as a teacher of the institute. Having dreamed to work in business, she was lucky and she was invited to one of the tourism companies in Almaty. Having gone all the way from manager to director, she created her own project in 1996 - the company “ALMALY-TRAVEL”. An attentive attitude to the company’s clients is considered to be very important. These are guests and friends of the company, who are always welcome and who will always be provided with new interesting tourism products of the company.

The company's employees are the coordinated teamwork of competent people, who are loyal to the company and the tourism industry. This is the most valuable acquisition of “ALMALY-TRAVEL”.

Интервью директора «ALMALY TRAVEL» о туризме в Алматы

Developing the tour-operator’s activity, the company “ALMALY-TRAVEL” creates its own tourism product in domestic tourism and organizes tours in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan attracts the eyes of tourists especially due to the popular “Great Silk Road” direction. Tour-operator "ALMALY-TRAVEL" with great pleasure presents you its own vision of this subject and, furthermore, introduces the infrastructure, attractions, history, culture and traditions of the peoples of Kazakhstan.

All tours along the Great Silk Road are conducted jointly with reliable and highly professional partners of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and China. We show the ancient caravan roads leading from China to the countries of the Middle East and Europe, which were originated in the III century BC. On their way numerous centers of trade and culture were created. You will see the ancient cities of Otrar, Sairam, Sygnak, Sauran, Suzak, Turkestan and, moreover, unique monuments of architecture, including the Mausoleum of “Khoja Ahmed Yassaui”.

Tourists are also offered travel routes throughout Kazakhstan, combined in the theme of Cultural Tours, Pilgrimage Tours, Thematic Tours, City Tours, Horse Tours, Trekking, etc. Tourists can visit the world's largest cosmodrome Baikonur. nature lovers will enjoy the most beautiful places in the National Park "Altyn-Emel", where such natural monuments as the Charyn Canyon, Singing Sands, Petrogryphs and Buddha images on Tamgaly Tas, preserved monuments of ancient Mangyshlak, where tourists can visit the necropolis and underground mosques created by talented master stonemasons.


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We offer prices for hotels in Kazakhstan at 10-30% below the prices offered by the hotels themselves. We choose and offer the best types of vehicles, guides and places for having meals. Our prices are competitive due to the uniqueness of our tourism products and programs, the effective work and professionalism of our team. From year to year we offer more and more new programs that are interesting and attract more and more tourists to Kazakhstan.

In the framework of the celebration of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate, the tour-operator “ALMALY-TRAVEL” developed two author tours:

  1. The ancient world of nomads
  2. Camels of the Great Steppe

These tours are held all year round (except for the November-February months).