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Winter sport

Tour operator "Almaly-Travel" will acquaint you with favorite places of winter rest and together with citizens you will drive on the only thing in the world a high mountain skating rink - Medeo and slide with high a slope of a ski resort Shymbulak.

I want to know more about the tour ...

You receive explosion of adrenaline and enthusiastic energy, having visited a winter kayting when the big kite, tows you for itself on skis or a snowboard on an equal surface.

Rounds on hot mineral springs during the winter period when especially there is a wish for heat of nobody leave indifferent. Present you in the hot pool, and over the head the winter sky and air temperature is below zero....

Winter sport offered by Tour operator "Almaly-Travel" is a guarantee of good mood for the rest of the week


The way lies through the KokPek pass, with the set of abrupt slopes and sharp turns, further we cross the well-known channel of the river

Winter kiting

Kiting uses the kite as a motive power which is convenient both for movement by the ground, and on water.


This tour provides you the best opportunity to see the beautiful mountain surroundings of Almaty city.The mountains that Almaty is surrounded - a real treasure trove of water for citizens.