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Horse walks

Оur operator "Almaly-Travel" invites fans of active recreation in fascinating travel on horses, and developed routes suitable for you. These are multi-day horse routes accompanied by the trained guides. You will learn secrets of communication with horses, you will seize horsemanship.

Horse walks will take place on vicinities of Alma-Ata and other most interesting places of Kazakhstan. You will see the majestic beauty of Mountains AlaTau tremendous beauty of landscapes, feel the purest mountain air which almost can be eaten, to be surprised by beauty of Kolsaysky lakes, you will be amazed, having seen the hardened fir-trees in Kaina's lake, and also you will be able to see "Singing" barkhans - sand dunes, Buddha's petroglyphs. On the way of a horse route highly in mountains you visit local people, and feel a life and traditions of a nomadic way of life of ancient Kazakhs. You will try the tastiest Beshbarmak and other dishes of Kazakh cuisine!

Tour operator "Almaly-Travel" invites you to use Horse riding tours!