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AksuZhabagly - the oldest and most famous game reserve in Central Asia. It was created in 1926, its area increases all the time and now is 132.6 hectares. It is located on the ridges TalasAlatau and UgamMaidantal, in the western part of the Tien Shan. The name of the reserve is formed from the names of his two greatest rivers - AksuZhabagly, between the rivers which it was originally created. The reserve is carefully preserved the diversity of objects animate and inanimate nature. However, only such catastrophic events such as fires, require human intervention. Because of this, scientists have a unique laboratory for the study of nature in its natural state, and visitors of the reserve - the ability to observe and evaluate the beauty and diversity of the landscape of the Western Tien-Shan.


1 Day
Arrival in Almaty. Almaty is the first capital of Kazakhstan. And today it is the only city in the whole country with population of 2 million people. Almaty - a modern city, full of entertainment and cultural events. And still it is the economic and educational center. Meeting in the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Rest. Breakfast. City sightseeing, you will learnsome historyand discover some interesting things : visit to the 28 Panfilov's guarsmen park, Cathedral. Museum of national musical instruments, National museum, Republic square. Departure from Almaty by train "Otrar" at 17.50 to Baurzhan Momysh-Uly station (Burnoe) (760 km, 12 hours). Overnight in train.


2 Day
Arrival to the station Baurzhan Momysh-Uly at 4.30 A .M. Transfer: Station Baurzhan Momysh - Uly -Aksu Dzhabagly Preserve to Topshak hunt cordon. Breakfast. Horseriding start in Aksu Dzhabagly Preserve. Horseriding: Topshak cordon - Ulken - Kayndy tract (H-1800) (8 km). It is our first day of trip in Preserve, our way lies via mountain meadows along mountains with archa bushes. We cross small stream, which takes its source from gorge. Soon we see Ulken - Kayndy valley (in Russian - Big birches), opposite - big mountain with bare top. Then our way lies to Topshak - saz' tract and further - along the valley of Dzhabagly river. Return to Topshak cordon. Overnight in the tents.


3 Day
Breakfast. Horseriding: Topshak cordon - Ulken - Kayndy gorge' - Ulken - Kayndy pass (H-2900). Kaindyis a lake in Kazakhstan, a popular tourism in one of the gorges Kungei Tau. Despite the low temperature of the water, the lake is popular among Kaindy diving. Back to the camp of the Preserve. Overnight in the tents.


4 Day
Breakfast. Horseriding: Topshak cordon - Kasbulak river - Kasbulak tract - valley of petrogliphs (12 km). Black stones in which are carved pictures, concentrated in the square more 1 sq. km. Mainly in the pictures are the figures of mountain goats. Back to the camp of the Preserve. Overnight in the tents.


5 Day
Breakfast. Horseriding: Kazbulak - Kayndy gorge - Kyshy river - Kayndy gorge (H-1800) - Zhabagly village (14 km). After Ulken - Kayndy gorge we raise to the small plateau with meadows. Visit to waterfall in the Kyshy - Kayndy river and go down and go out from the gorge to plain. Accommodation in overnight in private hotel.

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6 Day
Breakfast. Trip to the Stalactitic Cave near Akbiyik village. Transfer by auto: Dzhabagly village - Ak-Beit village (15 km). Excursion to the cave. Return to the hotel in Dzhabagly. Overnight at the hotel.


7 Day
Breakfast. Horseriding: Dzhabagly village - Taldybulak tract -Aksu canyon (H1620) (9 km). Today trip begins from Dzhabagly village. We pass village and the road raises to the mountains. Than pass Irsu plateau and again raise to the Aksu canyon. AksuZhabagly - the oldest and most famous game reserve in Central Asia. It was created in 1926, its area increases all the time and now is 132.6 hectares Overnight in the tents.


8 Day
Breakfast. Horseriding: Aksu canyon - Chuuldak tract - Darbaza tract (12 km). From the place of our camp, some time we go along automobile road, which later bifurcates and old neglected road go down to Aksu canyon. Soon we see narrow passage between high and plumbs rocks - it is Darbaza (gate in Kazakh). This river made a crevice, which is nearly 100 m , width only 6 - 8 m . We pass the bridge over Baldarbek river. Overnight in the tents.


9 Day
Breakfast. Horseriding: Darbaza - Sayramsu tract (11 km). We go along valley of Sayramsu river, which has beautiful meadow and in the afternoon we come to the mountain guest house. Accommodation in mountain guest house. Overnight.


10 Day
Breakfast. Visit to Sayramsu tract. Transfer to Shymkent (60 km). Departure from Shimkent to Almaty by train ‘'Otrar'' (780 km).Shymkent is the third largest city in Kazakhstan is one of the largest industrial and commercial centers strany.Prezident Republic of Kazakhstan NursultanNazarbayev said in Shymkent, the third most important city in the country. International Assembly of Capitals and Cities (MAG) found Shymkent "best cities in the CIS."Overnight in train.


11 Day
Arrival to Almaty at 9.00 a .m. Meeting at railway station ‘'Almaty - 2''. Breakfast. City tour, visit ‘'Green Market''. Trip by cable way to the Kok-Tobe mountain, panorama of the town. Visit to Medeo gorge. Accommodation in the hotel.Overnight.


12 Day
Seeing to airport.Departure from Almaty. End of the tour.


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We invite you to visit one of the richest reserves in Kazakhstan: a variety of flora and fauna will delight the sophisticated tourist...

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