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Day 1
You arrive in Almaty, will be awaited at the airport and accommodated in the 3*** hotel. In the afternoon you will acquaint yourself with Almaty.Almaty is the first capital of Kazakhstan. And today it is the only city in the whole country with population of 2 million people. Almaty - a modern city, full of entertainment and cultural events. And still it is the economic and educational center. You will have a city tour of a 4 hour with your personal guide. The tour starts with sightseeing in the central part of Almaty. You will know more about history and development of the southern capital of Kazakhstan and see its major attractions: Central State Museum, Palace of President, Republic Square and Monument of Independence, Abai Opera and Ballet Theatre, Astana Square, Almaty Railway Station, Central Mosque, Green Bazaar, Panfilov Park, Abai Square and Palace of Republic.


Day 2
By car or minibus you will be transferd to the basecamp in the Turgen Valley (at 1,600 meter altitude) at some 70 km from Almaty.After the city of Issyk, you minimize the side of mountains. After a drive through the post or distance-Alatau National Park, pay for 300tn. person and continue to climb up the gorge Turgen length of approximately 40km.On the way you'll visit the (history) Issyk Saki museum. In the basecamp you get to know the staff for the next days, can make a hike or two, and have dinner.


Day 3
A varying day is awaiting you. After breakfast you will climb up the gorge by 4WD to reach the Assy Plateau. These are vast, high altitude grasslands where in summer the Kazakh nomads live in their yurts with their familys and graze their cattle. You will visit them, as well as enjoy excursions to places with ancient rock carvings, burial mounds from the Sakh Period and even a 'modern' Soviet Space Observatorium! You will not only sit in a car but also make short hikes to the sites.
Afterwards the 4WD brings you back to the Turgen basecamp for dinner and the overnight.


Day 4
The first of four trekking days. The start seems modest with a 3.5 hours trek. However, from experience we can tell you that trekkings in countries of the former Sovjetunion are never to be taken lightly! On the way you will enjoy the 70 meter high Kairak waterfalls. Camp for the night at 2,100 meters altitude.

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Day 5
After breakfast and breaking up the campsite you will continue to trek upwards, to the origin of the Temir-TasRiver.На этой реке построен город Темир, который был основан в 1870 году. On the way you can enjoy lovely views of high altitude grasslands and the snow-capped mountains of the Zailiskiy Alatau mountains range. In addition, in this remote area, you'll wittness untouched ancient burial mounds from the mystical Sakh period (approx. 600 B.C).
Dinner and overnight in tents at the foot of the Glaciological Glacier at 3,200 meters.


Day 6
Again a say of serious trekking, first across a pass-without-name, then onwards the origin of the Turgen river. You'll have good views at one of the biggest glaciers of this mountain range and at many peaks from 4,000 meter and up. Campsiteat 3,100 meters.


Day 7
Today, at the last trekking day, you will be rewarded for the 'won altitude' with a long descends to the Turgen Basecamp, along the river Turgen until the congruence with the river Kishi Turgen. In the basecamp you'll enjoy dinner and spend a last night.


Day 8
In the morning you'll be transfered back to Almaty, to hotel Astra, and can enjoy leisure time for the rest of the day in the city. After being accommodated in your hotel, you will continue your architectural tour with a city excursion in Almaty. Until 1997 this was the capital of Kazakhstan, and to this day it is by far the largest city with some two million inhabitants, as well as the economic and cultural center. In Almaty you will find the typical Soviet styled houses and buildings, so familar from Riga to Vladivostok. The city is spacious, green and offers a wonderful view on the snow-capped mountains of the nearby Northern Tien Shan Mountain Range. It's a pleasure to stroll through Almaty.


Day 9
After exploration of the sport, cultural and business areas of the city the tour route will take you to the Medeo Gorge, where you will have a brief stop on the huge Medeo dam, which protects the city from destructive mudflows formed on the tops of the western Tien Shan. On the top of the dam, at the altitude of 1733 meters above sea level, you will enjoy an amazing panorama of the largest high mountain skating rink in the world - Medeo, surrounded by wonderful mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau, the area of artificial ice field - 10.5 thousand square meters.With a guide you'll visit the rink and surroundings, during a half-day excursion.
By means of a brand new gondola, operated since January 2011, you can reach from Medeo the ski-resort Chimbulaq at 2,200 meter, from where ski-lifts can bring you to an altitude of 3,200 with a wonderful panorama and opportunities for hiking. 

Day 10
You will be transfered to Almaty Airport at night or in the early morning, where the international flights as a rule take off early in the morning. The end of your journey, we hope it has been a most pleasant one!
End of the tour.

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