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In these tours, the Almaly-Travel Tour Operator will show you the first capital of Kazakhstan - Almaty, and you will be delighted to see the architecture of the new capital of Kazakhstan - Astana. And, you will learn the history of the Kazakh nomads on a helicopter tour and you will enjoy seeing the beauty of our land from a bird's eye view.

Almaly-Travel tour operator is especially waiting for you in your hometown of Almaty!

According to the popular British edition for tourists The Rough Guide, Almaty entered the TOP-10 cities of the world, which are obligatory to visit in 2014. Almaty is on the 7th line of the ranking after Rio de Janeiro, Liverpool, Lviv, Marseille ... According to most tourists, Almaty is called one of the most attractive cities in Kazakhstan, despite the fact that it is deprived of its capital status. Tourists like the geographical location of the metropolis - the historic Silk Road and the picturesque mountains. In addition, after visiting Almaty, it becomes clear that Kazakhstan has nothing to do with the country depicted in the film about Borat.

Almaly-Travel tour operator tells you: see you soon in Almaty-Astana!