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Weekend tours are trips for one day, but how many positive emotions, admirations will give you these beautiful landscapes and the nature of the Alma-Ata region.

Such a miracle is the Charyn canyon, which stretches for 154 km along the Charyn river. It is smaller than the famous Grand Canyon in American Arizona, but it is unusual. For 12 million years, the joint efforts of water, wind and sun created rocks up to 300 meters high and arches of bizarre forms that received the romantic name "Valley of Castles", "Moon Landscape" ...

You get Wonderful Weekend, having a 2-day tour of the Koksu River. You will see the most beautiful river of Zhetysu, the waters of which carry the memory of the life of the ancient Kazakhs.

Weekend tours from Almaly-Travel Tour Operator are rare moments of
unity with nature among friends!