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This program is designed for ordinary travelers who would like to see one of the most beautiful rivers of Semirechye - Koksu. The program includes visits and guided tours, petroglyphs, the earliest of which date from 16-4 to. BC, and the ancient graves and burials of the Bronze period, the period of the Sakas and the Türks. The largest primitive art gallery of the Dzungarian period are Petroglyphs in the Eskiolmes mountains.

Day 1. Travel will begin in the morning when you will go from Almaty to Koks, approximately 270 km, about 5 hours. After you have lunch, you take part in an excursion to the gorge to see the ancient petroglyphs. The tour will end with dinner and overnight in tents.

The Eskiolmes ridge is the western spur of the Dzungarian Alatau. It stretches for about 30 km and is located in the Taldykorgan district of Almaty region, 30 km south of the city of Taldykorgan. The northern slopes of the ridge smoothly spread in a wide plain. On the south side, one of the numerous rivers of Semirechye, the Koksu, is steeply descending. The height of the ridge is 1300 meters above sea level.

There are a large number of archaeological sites in a small area between Eskiolmes and the right bank of the Koksu River, from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. Petroglyphs are concentrated in six canyons and on the hills that lie between them. Most of them are located along the river 6.5 km long above the dam. The main part consists of images of animals: camels, horses, goats, deer, wild boars, bulls, dogs and predators. It is impossible to find as many horse chariots in any other sanctuary of Semirechie as here. Images of the sun, solar signs and hunting scenes are very interesting and original for the rock art of Semirechye.

The most ancient drawings of the sanctuary belong to the Bronze Age and the Saka era. Petroglyphs of Sakov and ancient Turkic time dominate. Many images are not easy to view, as they are located in places that are difficult to access; and in the most unexpected places: the ancient local artists had original methods of drawing images on the rocks, as well as undeniable artistic skills. Miniature images do not exceed 1-2 cm, are distinguished by a peculiar grace. The petroglyphs of Esquiolmes clearly show the traditions of the rock art of the region as a whole


Day 2. First, you will have an excursion to the ancient colonies and burial places. Then follows an excursion to another gorge with petroglyphs. After that, you will return to base camp, have lunch. Then return to Almaty

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